2810, 2015

Hainan Chicken Rice

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Do you know that Hainan Chicken Rice is one of Singapore’s National Dishes? The recipe for the dish originated from Hainan Island off the southern coast of China. Locals there call the dish "Wenchang chicken". In Singapore, the dish is infused with local Cantonese influences which inspired the tangy red chilli sauce dip and the use of tender and young chicken. Accompanied by a delicious...

1305, 2015

Singapore Flavors With American Eating Styles

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Chomp Chomp Nation started out as a food truck, the brainchild of Robert Zuetell and Gina Galvan. “My wife had been to Singapore in 2005 working for Pizza Hut International”, Robert said. “She had tried the food, I had not but I was the one who kind of ‘Americanized’ it in a format and made it approachable for mainstream Americans...

108, 2011

A Taste of Singapore On Wheels

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I was in a lunch meeting with a Malaysian co-worker who was eating left overs from her O.G. Malaysian Mother’s family dinner. It smelled fantastic and I wanted some. She informed me that the really good food comes from the “Street Hawkers Carts” in the city-state of Singapore (on the southern tip of Malaysia). For the next week...