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Wok-tossed chile crab bathed in a sweet, fiery sauce is a definitive dish of Singapore. Chomp Chomp Nation is Anaheim's Wholesome Choice Market reimagines the finger-licking favorite as a hearty crab cake burger, flavored with ginger, kaffir lime, garlic, and a sweet, hot chili sauce. It's topped with a handful of slaw and squeezed into a soft bun.

Hainan Chicken Rice

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Do you know that Hainan Chicken Rice is one of Singapore’s National Dishes? The recipe for the dish originated from Hainan Island off the southern coast of China. Locals there call the dish "Wenchang chicken". In Singapore, the dish is infused with local Cantonese influences which inspired the tangy red chilli sauce dip and the use of tender and young chicken. Accompanied by a delicious...

Singaporean Food To Anaheim Hills

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As with many of its food-truck contemporaries, Chomp Chomp Nation, OC's first and only Singaporean food truck, has gone brick-and-mortar. Well, sort of; it's actually gone "food court." It now operates as a permanent counter next to other vendors inside the Wholesome Choice in Anaheim Hills. When you find it, past the nuts and across the aisle...

New Home At Wholesome Choice

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Since 2011, Chomp Chomp Nation has been bringing Singaporean streethawker food to the streets of Southern California. They have been featured on Cooking Channel’s Eat St Season 4 episode “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp” and Food Networks’ Diners, Drive-ins’, Dives’ “Real Deal Roots” episode. As the food truck craze scene started to cool off...

Singapore Flavors With American Eating Styles

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Chomp Chomp Nation started out as a food truck, the brainchild of Robert Zuetell and Gina Galvan. “My wife had been to Singapore in 2005 working for Pizza Hut International”, Robert said. “She had tried the food, I had not but I was the one who kind of ‘Americanized’ it in a format and made it approachable for mainstream Americans...

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

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In this trip, Guy’s digging into a funky food truck infusing Singaporean flavors. Inspired by Singaporean cuisine, Chef Gina Galvan is cooking up some “exotic tropical Chinese food” in a food truck. Guy loved the crunchy, sweet and salty crab cake topped with slaw and spicy ketchup. The halal lamb burger topped with curry yogurt and...

Guy Fieri Spotlights OC Food Truck

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I've always been curious about what happens behind the scenes of food shows, especially Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." How much time does the spiky-haired, bleached blond really spend in the kitchen with the house chef? Is Fieri as personable off camera as he is on? How do you get on the show? I got my answers...

A Taste of Singapore On Wheels

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I was in a lunch meeting with a Malaysian co-worker who was eating left overs from her O.G. Malaysian Mother’s family dinner. It smelled fantastic and I wanted some. She informed me that the really good food comes from the “Street Hawkers Carts” in the city-state of Singapore (on the southern tip of Malaysia). For the next week...